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Weight Loss

THE HCG Diet Overview

The HCG diet is based on the clinical experience and theories of Dr. Simeon, an English Doctor working in Rome. He worked over 40 years with patients suffering from obesity and tried various methods and theories to treat obesity with minimal success. It was not until he developed the HCG diet that he felt he had a successful method for nearly everyone.

In the 16 years of experience with the HCG diet he had thousands of success stories and numerous published articles in scientific journals. Over the last 10 years, the HCG diet has been “rediscovered” and tens of thousands of patients in the United States alone have experienced the dramatic weight loss the diet achieves.

The HCG diet works by effectively melting away abnormal fat stores and by resetting your weight “set point” to help prevent you from regaining the weight easily.

There are 3 different types of fat stores:

1)     Normal Accessible Fat - this is the fat that is immediately burned when our caloric need is in excess of our caloric intake. This is our normal reserve of fuel.

2)     Structural Fat - this type of fat fills the gaps between the various organs providing padding for them. This is the type of fat that keeps skin smooth and taut, provides the spongy cushion of hard fat on the bones of the feet.

3)     Abnormal Fat - the accumulation of fat from which the overweight patient suffers. Although this type of fat is also a potential reserve of fuel, it is not available to the body in a nutritional emergency. It is locked away in a fixed deposit and not kept in a current account.

When one tries to reduce weight by starving his/herself, initially the loss of normal fat reserves begins. Once normal fat stores are exhausted, structural fat will begin to burn, and finally as the last resort our abnormal fat stores released. The HCG hormone, however, mobilizes the abnormal fat first. Although 500-800 calories a day are being consumed, the HCG hormone will help release an additional 1500 or more calories a day from abnormal fat stores. This release of additional fat stores allows one not to feel hungry while on the HCG diet and spares lean muscle mass.

The initial protocol for weight loss is approximately 26 days; however if a patient continues to lose weight the weight loss phase may last 6 to 8 weeks. These protocols allow enough for the hypothalamus to reset. The hypothalamus is a master gland that is located in the brain and helps direct the activity of the ovaries, adrenals, thyroid, temperature control, and circadian rhythm.

The HCG diet is a phenomenal breakthrough in decreasing unhealthy fat reserves. There are a multitude of health benefits in being normal weight which lead to a longer healthier life. Therefore, the HCG diet is used to establish a healthier set point for one’s metabolism which facilitates weight maintenance for life.

The HCG diet is offered by both Dr Mimi Wang and Nurse practitioner Michelle Buenerostro. If you are interested in finding out more,  download and read the HCG diet handout below and make an appointment to talk to one of them.


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